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By now, you might know me well enough to know that I feel passionate about thrifting! Quite passionate. There are obvious reasons, like making a difference, closing the circle of production, rescuing clothes from landfills, saving the planet and whatnot.

But I always feel like there's more I could be doing. No matter how hard I work at doing the right thing, there's more to be done.

That can be a daunting thought if you spend too much time overthinking it!! I mean...have you thought about micro-plastics in our water system when you wash your workout clothes? Have you thought about big sugar and pesticides? What are you doing to stop using one-use plastics in your life? Have you thought about making the switch from shampoo bottles to shampoo bars? We all know that plastic straws kill the sea turtles, so are you using paper or do you bring your own?And don't get me started on organic food and fruit packaging.

It could drive a girl crazy to try and do so much for the planet. I love the planet!! I care. But I still gotta live a life that doesn't overwhelm me! And I imagine, you might feel similarly overwhelmed by all the different causes that need people and manpower and amplification and support.

The truth is, there are so many companies, organizations and people in the world that, conceivably, we could be tackling every issue if we only learned to work together!

This was a driving factor for me in starting my monthly #ThriftItForward campaigns.

What's that? I'm glad you asked!!

#ThriftItForward is an effort to do more with the thrifted treasures I find and put in my shop. Each month I come up with a collection that has a cause attached. And a percentage of the profits from each piece in that collection will be donated to the chosen cause.

Here's a look at the causes so far. These collections are still available to browse:

June 2019 - Christopher's Haven

July 2019 - Big Cat Rescue

August 2019 - The Body Positive

September 2019 - Give Kid's the World Village

October 2019 - Breast

I hope to maintain these causes throughout the lifespan of my small shop. I'd like to constantly rotate new pieces into each collection and create a conversation about 12 separate causes (on top of thrifting and sustainability) throughout the year.

It may seem like a lot to take on, on top of running a small shop. But with so many excellent organizations out there doing incredible work, I can't help but try to push my little shop to do more.

It's how I my brain works and my heart too. If you're interested in more information about each collection or about each cause, click the links above and keep an eye out for new additions monthly!

I hope you'll join me in this effort, by simply checking out the collections and seeing if there are any pieces you'd like to buy. The percentage that will be donated to each cause can be found in each product description.

And, as always, I encourage you to take a deeper look into each cause I've chosen and consider donating directly to them if they move your heart to do so!

We all can't do everything, but if we each try doing a little it WILL make a big difference for our planet! And if you have any specific causes that are on your heart and don't see them listed, then shoot me an email or leave a comment. I'm always interested in becoming aware of a new cause!!

Let's change the world, guys!

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